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Histoire de la marionnette

Puppet Show

Aladdin's puppet Aladdin
Visage de marionnette
The genius of the storytellers of the Thousand and One Nights is to have heaped good fortune on the young Aladdin who never asked for anything, and, alongside the good, they introduced evil in the guise of the magician.
This last will infinitely complicate our hero's task and he will have to prove he deserves his shining fate.

In order to covey this story faithfully, we too have turned to magic... in its modern form: laser beams, smoke and other special effects, original music, all this is, of course, computer co-ordinated.

The heroes have not been forgotten: the puppets are richly dressed in finely embroidered silks.
The handling of the puppets is magic too: acrobatics, perilous somersaults, martial arts, nothing is spared to restore enchantment to Aladdin.

What the Press Says

Indian Express, New Delhi
- A French Aladdin played by puppets : the children are radiant - The fairytale is well known, but this resplendent show made the children dream.
“ They seem surprised by the glove puppet's movements - somersaults, and battle scenes.... the dialogues in Hindi with a strong French accent caused much merriment among the young. Aladdin is a show crammed with action, humour, poetry and stunning costumes... ”

National Mail, Bhopal
- Aladdin and the marvellous puppets - The hall in Antrang was full, and the spectators left after an hour of pure fun which appealed to children and adult alike.
“ It was reassuring to see a puppet theatre attract such a crowd, while local actors only attract a dwindling public. The spectators applauded repeatedly during the whole show.”

Indian Express, Ahmedabad
- Aladdin electrifies young and old
“ All the elements were there to turn this show into a great evening : lighting effects, water, sound and fire. And tons of talent and dynamism... Though most of us had heard of this tale, the show was engrossing and each member of the public in the theatre, which was sold out, followed the story with passion... Just as Aladdin triumphs over evil, so this show conquered a public hungry for entertainment. ”

Asian Acte, Ahmedabad
- A Joyful Spectacle - Natrani woke to the sound of a wonderful puppet show, "Aladdin", inspired by the Thousand and One Nights.
“ Everything about this show is magic.
The inert dolls took on life in an instant, as if moved by a spell. They appeared, disappeared, changed, flew through the air and fought in battles, perfectly suited to this fairytale. The characters of Aladdin and the magic lantern became real, living people in a real world, while two pairs of hands effortlessly animated them and made them believable. ”

Times of India, Ahmedabad "Aladdin"by THÉÂTRE DU PETIT MIROIR...
“ An enchanting puppet show... The puppeteers impressed the audience by their subtle relationship, their capable manipulation of the puppets, the talented use of their voices, as well as through visual and musical effects. ...The puppets they use are small. But they are impeccably sculpted and dressed. Their movements are extremely realistic. ”

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Technical Specifications

Duration: 1 hour Public: suitable for any public 7 years up

Number of spectators: 130 or more, depending on the hall

Scene : height : 3m50 depth : 5m width : 5m

The puppet theatre must be on the floor, without scene or platform

The show is equipped with its own sound and lighting system.

A stage person is needed for get-in (1h30) and final get-out (1h)

Professionals: please do not hesitate to ask for any additional information .

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