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Histoire de la marionnette
L'enfant magique et le roi dragon
The technique of Chinese shadow puppet manipulation
is extremely rich and subtle.

Sculpted in buffalo hide, Chinese shadow puppets show their colours.

Besides the performances, we organise workshops in the technique of shadow and glove puppet manipulation
Le Roman de Renart
The Magic Child and the Dragon King
Musical Shadow
and Glove Puppet Show

Fox Story
Musical Shadow
and Glove Puppet Show

Chinese Shadow Puppet Manipulation Technique

Shadow puppets move between a lamp and a canvass screen.
Manipulation is through rods attached to the neck and hands of the puppets. But the depth of play in relation to the light source is also important.

Getting closer to the light source, the shadow on the screen enlarges, by getting further away towards the screen, the traits become clearer and the colours in the hide are revealed.

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