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Histoire de la marionnette

Panic at the Circus
Musical Glove Puppet Show

Marionnnette de Panique au cirque
Puppets from Panic at the circus

Panic at the Circus : the lion roars at the serpents, the learned dog is neurotic, the horse bucks and pulls at the bit and the director is depressed.

A child, brought up by an old healer, is called in as reinforcement and discovers the reason for all these disorders. But what a story!

Acrobatics, juggling, humour and songs, all the ingredients for a real circus programme, knit together by the extraordinary virtuosity of the puppets.

Alright, let's have a circus, as long as we are all in agreement. The animals, above all!

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Technical Details

Duration: ca. 50 mins.

Suitable Public : all ages 5 up

Number of spectators: 130 or more, depending on hall layout

Performance Space: Height: 3m50 Depth: 5m Width: 5m

The show is equipped with its own light ad sound system.

A stage hand is needed for get-in (1h30) and get-out (1h00)

Professionals: do not hesitate to ask for further information.

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