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Histoire de la marionnette

Master Li Tien-Lu

A key person in the world of Taiwanese puppets was Master Li Tien-Lu, a wonderful artist and great teacher, departed in 1998.
He is indistinguishable from the world of puppets in Taiwan, his charismatic personality and talent having played a central role in the re-discovery of puppet traditions.

Master Li Tien-Lu made a priceless contribution to the conservation of his art by teaching indefatigably until the end of his days.

Master Li Tien-Lu was one of the first Taiwanese artists to introduce his art to France in May 1979, under the stuccoed ceilings of the Hall of Honours of the School of Oriental Languages in Paris.

He subsequently toured with his company several times, playing, among other places, at the world puppet festival in Charleville-Mezières in 1989, and at Avignon Festival in 1998.

He was honoured in his own country, where he was classed as a "Living National Treasure", and was a pillar of Taiwanese identity.

His popularity soared through his roles in films such as Hou Hsiao Hsien, Dust in the Wind, The City of Pain (which won a Golden Lion at Venice) and The Puppet Master (Jury's Prize at Cannes in 1993).
Master Li Tienlu

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