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Histoire de la marionnette

Fox Story
Musical glove and shadow puppet show
Personnages du roman de Renart

Fox Story is a tale well suited for stage adaptation because of the liveliness of its dialogues, the diversity of its plots and its comic situations.

Its desecrating reflection of society gives it a contemporary slant, and makes it universal.

We have carefully selected the most characteristic episodes of this work.

While being true to the spirit, we have deliberately departed from the letter of the work adapting it freely to ensure it is presented as a living work of art.

Music and song play a central role and joyfully accompany the whole performance.

Fox Story

Since its creation in Thailand in 1993, the show has toured France and more than 30 countries on the five continents in different language editions ranging from French, English, Chinese, Indonesian, Samoan, Cook dialect, and.... Bishlama!!

What The Press Says

A magic shadow play. Jean-Luc Penso is a capable master of the art, and the resulting play is poetic, replete with music and humour - this musical show is of a troubling beauty....
Le Réunionnais

The story of Ysengrain the wolf and his family confronted with the fox was treated with great humour. Amongst laughter and commentaries, the young public was entranced and lost not the slightest exchange in the show.

Many spectators admitted that this was the finest shadow show they had ever seen.... the stage changed constantly and the lighting effects were very lovely.
Ming Shen Bao (Taiwan)

A show entertaining for both young and old.
Sin Chew Newspaper (Malaisie)

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Technical Details

Duration : 1 hour
Suitable Public : all ages 6 up
Number of spectators : up to 400
Technical requirements : platform 5m x 5m Puppet theatre height: 3m

The show is equipped with its own light ad sound system.
A stage hand is needed for get-in (2h00) and get-out (1h00)

Professionals : do not hesitate to ask for additional information .

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