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Histoire de la marionnette

The Magic Child
and the Dragon King

A musical show of Chinese shadow puppets

Despite his efforts to behave himself, Lo Zha, the Magic Child ends up making mistakes far bigger than himself. And so it comes about that the tiger gets a beating, the arrogant Dragon King and his swaggering son set up a wail, ghosts get spooked and the King of the underworld is driven mad.

Lo Zha will have to go through many trials yet before the Emperor of Jade himself will intervene to have his true merits recognised.

The Chinese shadow puppets used in this show are of finely-chiselled and coloured buffalo hide, and are mostly old.

Having survived the cultural revolution when most of them were burned, these pieces are in the Théâtre du Petit Miroir's own collection.

The Magic Child and the Dragon King has been shown throughout France, Europe, various Islands of the Indian Ocean and in Asia.
Marionnnette du roi des singes
Lozha and the Dragon King
What the Press Says

“ A Frenchman brings Chinese theatre to life in all its magic. Last night the Théâtre du Petit Miroir played "The Magic Child and the Dragon King". The public was amused and appreciative, and often broke into applause, proving that this traditional art re-interpreted by westerners, brings us a taste of something 'other'... Though the show is played out by shadow puppets, the characters' bodies, their hands and their feet, are alive and highly accomplished in their movements, with beautiful shapes and well-drawn characters, showcasing every side of this traditional art.
The music, the lights and the scenes add to the success of the show. ”
Macau Daily News

“ One should be cautious with received ideas. This is particularly true with regard to Chinese shadow puppets. Nothing is more colourful. An enchanted mixed public of children and adults discovered this type of theatre at the Museum of Asian Arts (Nice) at a performance of Théâtre du Petit Miroir. Just back from a tour in China this theatre... directed by a high-level sinologist, Jean-Luc Penso, presented the Magic Child and the Dragon King... Against a white backdrop fragments of dream drifted by. The adults, of course, were not less captivated. It was as if a form of primitive TV were possessed with a child's soul. ”

“ Here is ... a variation on the Superman theme transplanted to a fascinating Asian tale. Lo Zha, magic child (and a bit of a rogue), succeeds in vanquishing the Dragon King, despite the latter's single-mindedness... The shadows unfold to the tune of superb music. We are transported into a very strange world. ”

“ This shadow puppet show from the purest Chinese tradition is assuredly disconcerting. Adventures, acrobatics, wily ruses and desecrating humour drawn from a mythological tale, told and staged by a master of the genre, Jean-Luc Penso. ”
Ravishing. Zurban

“ Is it the art of shadow puppet theatre, the strength of the tale, the wily adaptation that makes this such a fascinating, magical experience? We are literally taken over by this show.... ”

“ A very beautiful, poetic tale told with music and song. ”

“ Happily playing havoc with tradition, this epic is energetically unfolded. Marrying to advantage an ancestral theatre technique with modern means, the manipulator sings and moves behind the screen where the shape of delicately-profiled figures appear. ”
Le monde de l'éducation

“ The very colourful characters unfold to the rythm of original music in a fast and effective staging. Acquatic and celestic confrontations meet with the young audience's enthusiasm. ”

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Technical Details

Public: suitable for any public 5 years up

Number of spectators : 150 or more, depending on the hall setup

Techical conditions : height : 2m50 depth : 3m width : 3m

The show is equipped with its own sound and lighting system.

A stage hand is needed for get-in (1h30) and get-out (1h)

Professionals: do not hesitate to ask for further information.

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